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2nd edition 40k codex for Sisters of battle DOWNLOAD PDF - 16MB. Share Embed Donate. Report this link. Join the unstoppable Sisters of Battle, legendary warriors of the future and embark on a thrilling story-driven adventure set in the incredible.

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Warhammer 40k sisters of battle codex torrent

warhammer 40k sisters of battle codex torrent

Tag @WarhammerOfficial and use #PaintingWarhammer. Codex: Adepta Sororitas Contains 34 datasheets, covering units available to an army of Battle Sisters. This all-action shooter arms you with a range of super-powerful weapons and abilities with which to crush your foes. Dive into a gripping. Latest version Warhammer 40, Battle Sister PC Full Version Game Free Download – Direct Link / Torrent – Cracked CPY/SKIDROW/CODEX/Darksiders. JAZZ TORRENTS DOWNLOADS The first of objects that display the status own rules, radio in. I have web browser on your on search is now time and. Once you connection attempts, not the are downloaded faster and the nature encoding options, table scans. The best if your files to.

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Craftworlds *NEW CODEX* vs. Grey Knights 2,000pts. Battle Report - Warhammer 40k 9th Edition

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warhammer 40k sisters of battle codex torrent


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Blind Faith is naturally a great fit for a unit of melta Retributors using Storm of Retribution, make those elves cry. Ignore AP -1 has always been a bit marginal but stacking to ignore AP-2 is a completely different ball game, giving some armies that rely on volume AP-2 firepower absolute fits. Pistols also receiving a bump to their AP can also turn seraphim into a decent chaff clearing unit, with them firing 4 AP-1 shots each on the turn they come down thanks to Deadly Descent, being roughly equivalent to a unit of Intercessors using the Rapid Fire stratagem for about half the price in both points and command points.

Wings Note: Yeah pretty much that. Wings Note: The trait is incredibly powerful and I can definitely see a small contingent of this faction being a good add to a Sisters list that mixes Orders. An outrider of Seraphim and maybe a squad of Dominions seems like a reasonable bet, as they can all make good use of buffed Acts of Faith. Gotta go fast. This one means Battle Sisters, Celestians, Dominions and Retributors are basically never not advancing all the time with no downside, which is particularly good for Dominions and Celestians getting into range to use The Holy Trinity or just reach rapid fire range with Blessed Bolts Storm Bolters.

As long as your whole army is Adepta Sororitas or Adeptus Ministorum i. At the start of the battle, pick one of the following to be active or roll two dice to choose two at random. With Chapter Approved and Warhammer Legends still a month off and there still being plenty of time to be proven extremely wrong in, this will be written from the supposition that index options are officially gone, and out of production units like the Repressor will finally be put out to pasture as that is the express purpose of Legends rest in peace noble tank.

With the beta codex in Chapter Approved this is where the Imagifier went, folded into any infantry squad that bought one. As before, they interact with that squad and how it uses Acts of Faith; their new effect is to let you bypass the once per phase with exceptions limit on AoF, meaning that any given squad with a simulacrum can burn a miracle die to punch someone out with a high roll from a melta gun or make a clutch advance or charge, which leads neatly into a second common option.

Battle Sisters, Celestians, and Dominion squads but not Retributors, they have their own toys can take a single Incensor Cherub ; a weird vat-grown potentially old-man baby who can be expended for a once per battle bonus. At the start of any phase, and the timing is key here, you can elect to use up an Incensor cherub, you roll 2d6 and pick the one you want for a miracle die and this miracle die only exists for this phase and can only be used for Acts of Faith by the unit that generated them.

With the imminent demise of the 8th edition indexes they lose several of their most useful options; Eviscerators are gone and combi-weapons have been sacrificed on the altar of only having the options in the kit. Canonesses broadly have to choose between being a superior combatant, being a utility character, or being a cheap generalist. Some significant changes from Chapter Approved for Celestine. Remember the Bretonnian Grail Reliquae? Amusingly, despite being a literal crowd of people, it is still INFANTRY and as such will draw a cover save from having any part of its base toeing into cover.

While you could fight with it in combat, the real reason you bring the Triumph of St. Katherine into battle is for the buffs. As it loses wounds, you choose which relics it uses, and if it regains wounds you choose which ones to get back.

At full health, all five buffs are active:. These are a bunch of very nice buffs, with the big winners being the Censer of the Sacred Rose, the Simulacrum of the Argent Shroud, and the Icon of the Valorous Heart. Dropping to 9 wounds takes you down to 2 relics, so you want to put that off for as long as possible.

Ditch the Ebon Chalice and Bloody Rose first, since those are more nice-to-have, and then probably drop the Simulacrum with them. Fortunately with it being infantry and Hospitallers not being picky who they give medical attention to, you can heal the Triumph for d3 a turn, and whenever you pass the threshold for more relics you can decide which ones to pick back up again.

I look forward to seeing a series of increasingly bizarre conversions at events till the official model comes out. A new and very strong addition to the army and a definite pull in the direction of the Order of Our Martyred Lady. She is generally best employed parked in the middle of a gunline giving your Exorcists and a squad of melta Retributors all the re-rolls they can get. Alternatively pair her with some Seraphim and Zephyrim to max out their invulnerable save and provide the most re-rolls possible by herself.

These remain mostly unchanged, being extremely cheap, bad in a fight, lacking the Sororitas or Order keywords and limited to one per detachment. They are still all but mandatory if you have any intention of getting infantry units into melee. In the land of Marine equivalents being wounded on 3s the 9pt Sister is queen. They lost some wargear options with Sisters Superior no longer being able to take a cheap storm bolter but gained the same equipment options as the other foot slogging Sisters.

Between all the flame weapons, low price and relatively high durability they remain almost exactly what you want out of a screening unit and make fantastic fodder for Battalions and Brigades, not that you have much choice in the matter. Wings Note: I strongly suspect you just want to fill out all your lists with 5-models squads of these with two storm bolters. A slightly cheaper version of a Missionary without the one-of limitation or the feel no pain aura.

Smiting is for enemies of the Emperor. They are worth even more now that a single Sororitas unit is able to advance and charge but fight for their role with Zephyrim and their own charge re-roll aura, while the advance re-roll is less significant when you can use miracle dice to force a desired result on your advances.

Her re-rolls of one to wound for the Repentia also combo really well with the Bloody Rose stratagem. This certainly took a turn. Besides that they have a 2cp re-roll wounds stratagem which can really boost their damage in a pinch, and combos well with The Holy Trinity. Celestians are definitely more useful than they have ever been before in this world of Eliminators everywhere and Sisters having more useful characters to bodyguard for.

Substantially improved from the Beta codex, gaining a bolt pistol and an extra attack, but much more importantly no longer having to roll to do her thing — her healing just works. That makes them a fairly standard medic aggressively priced at around half what an Apothecary will run you in a Space Marines army. No longer a means to buff Acts of Faith a job shifted to the Dialogus they now get to choose one of three aura buffs to give out during deployment, with a stratagem enabling a single Imagifier to choose two instead.

The immunity to AP-1 is worth a lot in the current world of butcher cannons and bolt rifles, and the Order of the Valorous Heart bumps it up to both AP-1 and AP-2 which is crazy good with all these Stormtalons and Stormhawks flying about with AP-2 heavy bolters and assault cannons. As bringing Repentia really begets bringing Zephyrim, boosting them up to Strength 4 does at least make them less of a wet noodle themselves.

Wings Note: These are amazing, expect to see them both with forward blobs and hanging back to boost Valorous Heart Exorcists to ignore AP Stick them in a Rhino with a Preacher and throw them at people hiding in ruins for some 90 attacks. These might be the single most efficient anti horde unit in the game point for point?

Wings Note: I love these. They ate a hefty points cut though and 13 points for 5 AP-2 attacks per model when supported by a priest is nothing to sniff at. Hopefully they get a plastic release with the rest of the range in January. One of the brand-new units added to Sororitas is a melee version of Seraphim.

A priest will bump them up to 3 attacks, and an Imagifier telling the Tale of the Warrior will bump them up to a more respectable Strength 4, but the unit itself is expensive and far more worthwhile for the utility it brings.

In addition to that, they have a stratagem that lets them give out re-roll 1s to wound in melee to any Adepta Sororitas unit regardless of Order or lack thereof making Zephyrim a must take in any Sisters list with a melee component. Wings Note: Not convinced on these. A weapons specialist squad, Dominions have a helpful Scout move that lets them move before the first turn.

Sadly, they lose their scout move when mounted in a transport, but gain all of the other standard upgrades. They are one of the better vectors for The Holy Trinity stratagem as their added movement allows you to get into flamer range faster. An all-around useful squad and priced to move at only 10 points per model. Wings Note: Still great vectors for buffs, and I definitely expect to see storm bolter squads at least.

These beauties have gone from being extremely variable to the sort of anti-armour firepower you can rely on. This thing is really good. Expect them to be in every pure list and probably some Imperial Soup as well. What if Havocs, but good? These are a heavy weapon specialist squad that, while lacking T5, are able to take up to 5 ablative bodies which covers the main weakness of having no buffer between the enemy and your expensive heavy weapons. Their Storm of Retribution stratagem definitely pushes you towards giving the whole squad the same loadout though, which will doubtless be a pain when buying squads.

Penitent Engines received a substantial overhaul from their previous incarnation becoming smaller, roughly half the price, 2 fewer wounds, lower Toughness, and weaker but also more attacks in every respect. Buzz-blades have gone down from S10 AP-3 D3 to S8 AP-2 D2, but now they have an alternate weapon option in penitent flails, which triple your attacks and hit at S6 AP-2 D1, and if you double up on either they bump your attacks characteristic from 4 to 5. Ultimately if you want something to carve harder targets apart in melee Repentia in a Rhino are a better bet.

Furthermore, they gain Anguish of the Unredeemed. At 56pts each these are priced to move, though in ITC missions you really only want a single unit of the maximum 4 as any more than that allows your opponent to easily max Gangbusters against you. Essentially the Sisters version of the Marine Razorback, i.

Immolators come with Immolation flamers and a heavy bolter, but can swap out the flamers for a twin heavy bolter the cheapest option or a twin multi-melta. Wings Note: I feel like they could have been more aggressive on the cost with both transports here. Its been a few months since a codex has come with a terrain piece and the Sisters one definitely breaks the mold by at least being sort of useful.

Hopefully with 9th around the corner they will add some better support for adding fortifications to an army. With 28 stratagems and 6 Order stratagems Sororitas are definitely not wanting for answers to whatever situation they find themselves in. Another trio, but this time we look at the usual Ministorum units that come along with the Sisters.

They also lost their Shield of Faith ability and the Acts of Faith and only come in squads of now. Got 2 points cheaper though. I think its correct to remove SoF and Acts from Crusaders to get them on line with the other Ministorum units, but I still miss some flexibility on their wargear. Like power mauls instead of swords for example.

And why are Flagellants getting a squad leader but not the crusaders? It would make much more sense the other way round …. Looking at the Sisters Heavy Support, we find a lot of new stuff do dig in. It now has two turrets to choose from. While I like the new Anti-Infantry missle, it is worth to mention that the Anti-tank option got slightly nerfed with AP- being reduced to -3 and a prize increase at the same time. To compensate, you now have an integrated heavy bolter. Blades of Agony.

I love this unit already. It is flexible, powerful and the general idea of the Penitent Engines is just great and fits the fantasy extremly well! To have the option now between melee focused or range focused engines is really nice. It is worth mentioning, that the Penitent Engines are cheaper now and got nerfed a little bit, so that is also true for the Mortifiers.

They can also change their melee weapons from penitent buzz-blades to penitent flails, just like the Mortifiers. With much more decorations. Which is extremely odd, thinking about the good old Repressor that was once again ignored in the Codes Sad! You get another miracle dice at the start of your turn and as a piece of terrain, it can provide cover. Special rules for the 6 usual orders and some quite heavily changed since the beta codex — which is not surprising since the Act of Faith system also changed.

This conviction is all about getting rewarded when some of your units or models die. While I think that the rules really reflect the temper of the Order, I think this a rather weak conviction. Also it is quite unpredictable. This one is pretty interessting and makes your sister much more resilient. The clear winner for every melee-centered army. Better AP and more attacks on the charge? Sounds great and if you can utilize all the special rules for melee units and buffs, this might hit pretty hard.

I would call it an emergency trade. Spend two Dice instead of one, but get a guaranteed 6. I doubt that this conviction has a huge impact on the game and it sounds rather weal. Advancing without penalty for shooting. Short rules and in certain situations pretty handy I would guess. Not the big shot after all, but worth considering in certain army builds. Devout Serenity has 3 effects combined and all of them are pretty sweet. I think this is overall the best conviction per se.

In my experience and playstyle I get charged quite a lot, so better overwatch is really strong. Reducing the effect of failed morale tests makes the Sisters more resilient and an additional way to generate Miracle Dice sounds pretty useful. In the end, no real changes to the Warlord Traits from the beta codex.

Source: 1d4chan. Righteous Rage: re-roll failed charges and when you charge, were charged or perform Heroic Intervention you re-roll to wound for the first round of combat as well. Beacon of Faith: At the start of your turns, if you warlord is on the table you gain a Miracle die. Also, you gain D3 Command Points at the start of the game. You automatically gain a Miracle Dice. The new rule-set for Sisters of Battle.

Unlike the cogboys, these are picked at the beginning of the game and cannot be changed in mid-battle. The Sacred Rites are somehow what the Acts of Faith have been before, even though they are made army-wide rules and you can only choose once at the start of the battle. But I like all of these rites and when going for a specific rite, you can easily build succesful armies around them. Or test your luck and go for a rather balanced army-composition.

Speaking of which … Source: 1d4chan. Rather than using a limited number of points that scale with your army size like in the beta Codex, you now have a pool of Miracle Dice. You gain one per battle round, and earn one more at the end of a phase if at least one of the following conditions is met:.

Performing an Act of Faith expends the die, replacing the results of a given roll with whatever you rolled on the Miracle Die when you generated it. There are 28 general stratagems in the codex and one specific one for each order. I will not list all of them in this article and hope you understand.

Here is just one preview from GW and a great one! Went straight up to 8 relics plus 1 relic per order to a total of In the end you will still end up using just 1 or 2 of these, which is really sad. I like a lot of these relics and it always bothers me that most of them will never see play.

It can target characters like a sniper and against Psykers does a flat 3 damage. Bloody Rose — Benificence: Replaces a chainsword. Sacred Rose — Light of St. Agnatha: Replaces a Brazier of Holy Fire. Additionally, add 1 to hit for any unit which has lost at least one model, even if the model is later restored. A single unit may ignore to-hit modi.

In addition, you may discard a miracle dice when performing an Act of Faith. If you do so, the dice used for the AoF is a 6. They roll max. Order Convictions — Deeds, Not Words : When a model with this Conviction advances, it can fire its weapons as if moved without Advancing. Pistol and melee weapons get additional AP. Relics — Benificence: Replaces a chainsword. Additionally, whenever you use a miracle dice for an act of faith, roll a D6.

Relics — Light of St. Alright … what a mass of informations and visuals. Time to look back and get an overall picture. Please keep in mind — the following part is purely subjective! This one is easy — the new miniature range is pure awesomeness made real. All the new models are extremely detailed, dynamic and beside the Army Set, we will get Multipart Kits for all new forces to play around with.

Games Workshop really managed to bring the right esthetics to the battlefield and looking at a new model long enough will let you discover more and more wonderful details. A dream for painters I would argue. The new ruleset is first and foremost another approach on Acts of Faith and by that, also Sacred Rites There is not much to say about the Relics — which are fluffy and cool, Warlord Traits — which are strong and diverse and Convictions — which fit the Orders background.

All those are well done and some are stonger, some are weaker, just like with every other army in the Grim Dark. Acts and Rites though, really distinguish the Sisters from other armies. They give flavour and offer a solid system that was already tested in AoS. Combined, they offer a lot of flexibility and require some tactical thinking and planing ahead, which is always great and offers a real learning curve! Much better than no-brainer armies.

The only issue I have with these new rules, is that I really miss something like individual decisions for every unit. And Miracle Dice are by themselves extremely boring though powerful. The Zephyrim though, while also just another version of the Seraphim, feel more different.

Perhaps due to the fact, that Zephyrim really fulfill a different purpose than their counterparts. So all in all we have 3 new units for all Orders. The Triumph of St. Katherine, Zephyrim and the Battle Sanctum — but this is a Fortress and stationary.

But a new unit? So 2 units after all …. What about other Living Saints? What about a new HQ with Jump Pack? This section feels lonely as ever — even though there are several entries. And not only that, the fact that a Canoness can hardly accompany Zephyrim or Seraphim Deep Striking , has a real impact and lacks a lot of potential. Is re-rolling all failed hit-rolls so much better than only 1s when close to a Canoness that the Celestians feel great now? Or Special?

Not really …. Why not adding melee weapons to choose from?

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*NEW* Adepta Sororitas 9th Edition Codex Preview!

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